Medical Cannabis Research Australia

Our Position

“Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.”

Senator John McCain


Medical Cannabis Research Australia does not sell cannabis.

Nor do we recommend any particular brand or product. That decision should best be left to your Prescribing Doctor.

All of our directors and staff are volunteers and are motivated by compassion.

Our objectives are education, advocacy and to promote research for medical cannabis.

We don’t support Black Market Cannabis:

• It’s illegal. We don’t want you in jail.
• The potency/strength is unknown.
• The cannabinoid ratios are unknown.
• Supply isn’t guaranteed.
• It is not tested. Who knows what it was grown in… has it absorbed any heavy metals, weed killer or other adulterants?

Whilst we can absolutely see why black market cannabis is attractive, its legalisation is an entirely different debate to the one around Medical Cannabis.

So if you want to grow it for yourself – go for it at your own risk. You’re still breaking the law, but you’re an Adult and can make your own judgements and decisions.

But if you grow it and sell it, now you’re a Dealer too – even if you give it away for free.

Cost of medicine is something we are acutely aware of but are working through advocacy with private health insurers, state government health departments and veterans affairs to get Medical Cannabis paid for where no other treatment options exist.

We are confident prices will fall as more patients come online and local manufacturers gear up. Some of our Volunteers have a prescription and are just as eager as you to see prices drop.

Giving any kind of home-made concoction to a person whose health is already compromised is risky. Home-made oils or tinctures have the potential to do harm to chronically ill patients.

We don’t want to see the whole Cannabis movement crushed by virtue of unknown, potentially dangerous, black market treatments giving people with compromised health bad outcomes.

Our position is to treat Cannabis like any other medicine.

Medicine needs to be of a known purity and potency. It needs to have been tested. We need to know the supply chain to verify it is what it claims to be.

  • Medicine is disciplined.
  • Medicine is Science.
  • Medicine is empirical evidence.
  • Medicine cannot be based on anecdote.