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Entourage Effect

Cannabis has remarkable properties but it’s not just one part of the plant. There are hundreds of compounds that work together.

Environmental Benefits

Cannabis grows easily. It has a low environmental impact compared to the synthesis of many other medicines. 

Neurological Conditions

There are many treatments available for Neurological Conditions but many are toxic and have dangerous side effects.

Addiction Treatment

Cannabis can be used to treat Opioid Addiction along with many other substance addictions.  You cannot overdose on Cannabis.


“Marijuana IS medicine. Every 19 minutes somebody dies of a prescription drug overdose.  It doesn’t happen with Marijuana”.

Sanjay Gupta MD
Neurologist &
Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

About us

We are Medical Scientists, Not for Profit Experts and Media Specialists. By leveraging our combined skills, we want to speed up legal access to the medicine people need by focusing on research, advocating and education.

Our mission

To help bring Medical Cannabis to those who need it by helping fund those researching the possibilities, educating those who can prescribe it and advocating to those who can make it available to everyone.

Our funding

We are funded through private & corporate donations, grants, through the educational seminars we hold and through traditional fund-raising endeavours such as lotteries and events.

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